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Data Security Tips For Small business owners

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In addition to safeguarding the security of your business with CCTV Cameras and Access Control Systems in Northern Ireland, it’s important that you don’t forget about the security of the data on your computers and devices. More than ever before, this information is crucial to a business and the last thing any business owner wants is for it to fall into the wrong hands. Below are some important things to consider:

Identify Important Information
No matter what the size of the business, every company has sensitive information. This includes financial data, the personal details of employees and customer payment details. It’s important to ensure that you know exactly where this information is kept on your systems, who has access and how you can safeguard it.

Access Control
Once you know where this is on your systems, make a thorough list of which employees have access to it. It’s good practice not to give anyone full blanket access to all of your business data, with no-one overseeing their usage. Try and keep details of who uses specific data so that if a file disappears or is compromised, a traceable trail will exist for you to follow. Limiting access also helps prevent the accidental deletion of key data, such as client information.

Mobile Is Important
It’s common practice for employees to bring mobile devices to work and while employers can’t stop this , they can create good at-work usage policies. There are a few good options that exist for handling mobile data including the use of secure apps and virtualisation technology that divides a mobile device into 2 different secure sections.

The Cloud
Third party companies can provide a great solution for securing your information. By storing key information off-premises and under a strong provider agreement, lots of smaller companies not only limit the chance of a security breach but they also have access to a data back-up should a disaster occur.

If you’re adamant about keeping key data on your premises, make sure that you encrypt it. Lots of databases and security packages offer strong encryption features. The benefit of this is that should data be stolen, it can’t be accessed.

Oversee Downloads
On the internet there are lots of harmful programs disguised as helpful software – downloading such programs onto your system could leave your company at serious risk. Just as too-broad access can expose your data, so can downloading data that contains spyware. Make sure that your office has strict download guidelines, stopping employees from downloading any programs or software that could be potentially dangerous.

Network Security
Using a wireless network in the office has become standard across the UK and Ireland. However, if your network isn’t properly secured, they are relatively easy for people to attack. Ensure that your wireless network has a unique password and use WPA2 encryption instead of WEP standard.

Review Passwords
‘Password1’ is the most popular password in the world as it meets all minimum standards for automated systems. Small business owners should regularly ensure that employees review and change their passwords. It’s important to remember that if an employee has the same password for their personal accounts, and that account is compromised it could be harmful to your business.

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