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    Ireland's leading Fire and Security Protection services who specialise in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of fire and security solutions.

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    What makes us different to any of our competitors in Belfast and around the country is our ability to provide a one stop location for a comprehensive range of products and services in the Fire and Security sector.

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    We have worked closely with the leading manufacturers across the world to bring you the best, most highly developed products. Put this along side our first class customer care we have become the preferred choice across the UK and Ireland for Fire and Security needs.,

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    We don’t believe in just selling fire & security equipment, we believe in providing proven technological solutions that help our customers meet the growing security and life safety demands of their business. We leverage our technology and our people to provide you with the right solution.


Modern day crime prevention relies on CCTV systems and capturing incidents digitally for future use, they also provide a visual deterrent. You can now monitor your CCTV remotely from anywhere in the world, via an internet connection. The police often use CCTV evidence to convict criminals based on the footage captured.

CCTV – Crown Fire Security provide cameras to your UK Company that helps protect it

Based in Belfast, Crown Fire & Security can provide you with the latest in CCTV systems and a wide range of CCTV cameras for various applications. We supply cameras, lenses and digital recorders to fit your every requirement. As an NSI Gold company all of our CCTV systems have to comply with the industry standards and are monitored 24/7 in our monitoring and alarm receiving centres.

All of these features and more highlight the flexibility of CCTV systems. Crown Fire & Security specialise in a range of CCTV equipment including:

– Overt and Covert installations
– Remote site monitoring
– Fibre Optic Systems
– Systems over IP

Some of the best brands in the CCTV Market feature prominently in our installation lists including Bosch, Panasonic, Sony, Pelco and Vision. Wireless systems are consistently improving and nowadays are just as reliable as their wired equivalents.

If you want to find out more about the CCTV services we can provide, contact us at:

Crown Fire & Security
CCTV Northern Ireland
Unit 1C
4 Westbank Drive
Belfast, Co. Antrim








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