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5 Reasons Why CCTV Is A Must For Your Business

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A business is usually the lifeline for a small businessman; his sweat and blood. Protecting this business is the businessman’s foremost priority. It is imperative to use security features in the business establishment (be it a manufacturing unit, a retail store or an office) and nothing beats the simplicity of a CCTV camera system.

A Closed Circuit Television camera system is a network of video cameras attached to various parts of the buildings so as to cover every major area of the establishment. These are either wired or wireless and are connected to a central unit, which delivers real-time pictures and also records them for future use. A CCTV system is a must-have for businesses due to the following reasons.

1. It creates the Perfect Deterrent

Robbers, vandals and shoplifters are easily impeded from their acts if they know that what they do will be captured on a CCTV network. Burglars usually hang about a business establishment for a few days before committing the crime, to understand the timings and schedules of the employees. The fear of being captured by the CCTV system can discourage the burglar to drop his plans.

Even within the establishment, it will deter co-workers to engage in abusing other co-workers and also stealing of sensitive office material or other items.

2. Not Very Expensive or Complicated

A CCTV or Access Control system is the first line of defence for your business. Contrary to conventional belief, it is extremely economical and not at all complicated to install or operate. In fact, most CCTV system suppliers will send in their own technicians to install the system and to train the business staff on how to operate it.

3. Practically Impenetrable

If the CCTV system is set-up well, it will easily cover the entire establishment, nullifying any ‘blind spots’. It is difficult, nay, impossible, for any burglar to commit a crime without being captured on one of the video cameras.

4. Real-time Protection for and to Check on Employees

In a retail-store set-up, many employees have to face customers who can get pretty unruly at times. Many incidences of customers abusing or even physically hurting staff have occurred. A CCTV system can easily capture such incidences and the recordings can then be used against the reckless customer. Also customers will tend to keep their anger in check if they realise that they are being monitored.

CCTV systems also keep a check on overall employee function. Employees will be discouraged from underperforming due to the fact that their activities are being captured on film on a daily basis. This will also disallow stealing and reduce wastage, by employees.

5. Remote Monitoring of High-Risk Areas

A business establishment, especially, a manufacturing unit, is very likely to have certain areas that are accident-prone or high-risk. Such areas can be remotely monitored through a CCTV network, without the need for physical examinations and surveillance.

Nowadays, police authorities also request CCTV footage from businesses, whose video cameras cover a section of the surrounding area of the business establishment, for crime investigation. If people know that there are ‘electronic eyes’ monitoring the surroundings, they tend to feel safer in this knowledge.

A wireless CCTV system is more likely to be manipulated from the outside by a technologically-advanced burglar, but a good, old-fashioned wired system is very difficult to break into from the outside, although it creates the additional problem of wires running around the building. Wired or wireless, CCTV systems offer unbeatable surveillance abilities at a considerably low cost and has become a compulsory security accessory in these troubled times.

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