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Access Control Systems Belfast – Why They’re Necessary

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Home Access Control Systems Demystified

Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure in their home, and today’s homeowners can put their faith in sophisticated access control systems which were previously only available to businesses and institutions. From smart keys to biometric locks, there’s a home access control solution for everyone, whatever your needs and whatever your budget.

Why Do I Need Access Control?

You already have good basic security awareness, and you’ve probably got a decent alarm system. Access control is the next step in securing your home, giving you peace of mind that nobody unwelcome can come through the door. Access control systems are particularly useful where there are vulnerable members of the household – if teenagers are often home alone, perhaps, or an elderly parent may be confused when answering the door to a stranger.

Smart locks of some kind can be very useful for families with young children too, keeping inquiring minds away from medicines or household products and keeping distractions out of a home office during business hours!

There’s also a deterrent factor to consider. A home with access control features is perhaps less attractive to burglars in general, as it shows that the home owners take security seriously.

What Types of Access Control Are Available?

Access control for your home at its simplest takes the form of a keypad or touchscreen deadbolt on your exterior doors. Fast and simple to install, most will allow you to have many different codes for different people, and all are wear resistant to avoid touch patterns showing up over time.

Another simple option is a smart key deadlock. Any time you want to “change the lock” you simply use the tool to re-key the lock and the smart key in seconds. This is very useful if you need to give someone a temporary key (builders or house sitters for instance) since you can change the lock again once that person no longer needs access.

More sophisticated home access control might take the form of card swipe locks, or IP based access control – this latter will allow you remote access control for a holiday home while you’re not resident there.

Another alternative is a two way video or audio access system, which will allow you to see and/or hear exactly who wants entry to your home. Top of the range access control systems use biometrics such as fingerprints or iris reading for unbeatable home security.


Which Access Control is Right for Me?

The array of home access control options can be bewildering, but it’s easy to narrow down your choices.

1. Work out how much security you really want, need, can afford and are comfortable with. If you live in a high risk area or your personal circumstances make you feel less secure, you’ll want to go for a higher end option.

2. Who will be using the system? Will family members find it hard to remember numeric codes; are they likely to leave reminders lying around? Would you be better off with a biometric system which doesn’t rely on having to remember something?

3. Are you likely to be moving in the near future? If so, the simpler and more easily self-installed options such as smart locks and keypads are likely to be a better bet. The more extensive, installed access control systems may not be easy to take with you, and if you opt for a managed/monitored system you will have to leave it behind.

As smart home technology moves on apace, it’s easy to foresee a time when everyone will be using access control technology – and most likely, your virtual “key in the door” will be the signal for your favourite music to switch on, your preferred lighting choices to come on and perhaps even a cold glass of something to be dispensed to welcome you home – now wouldn’t that be nice?

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